Who is Germanizor? – Explain Bear #001

Finally, the first video is out on my channel. And I’m very excited, because we will go over some of the first questions you might have before you are going to learn German with me at Germanizor in the upcoming weeks and months. Don’t forget to post your comments, questions and greetings below this video. I’ll pick the best ones and answer them in my next Explain Bear. 😉

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Germanizor’s mission is to change the way you are learning German. Take this English path to start speaking German and jump over confusing grammar terms to confident fluency.

Hi, I’m Daniel Rose from Germany teaching you how to speak German step-by-step without confusing grammar terms, textbook exercises or boring stories. All you need is your English plus 3 things: Relax, Focus, Think!


If you would like to practise German step-by-step with audio quizzes and more awesome benefits, then grab your free seat in my German A1 course at Germanizor.com to start your path to fluency.


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