The beer is not so bad! – German Lesson #001 [A1]

Welcome to my German A1 online crash course for total beginners! This might be your very first German lesson here at Germanizor, which is part of our “Grammar Builders” series where we practise how to build sentences step-by-step – without any grammar terms. It’s the beginning of your path to finally start speaking German.

This free German lesson is part of my ongoing German A1 online course and is provided free of charge to everyone who is interested into learning German step-by-step without any confusing grammar terms.

You will save so much time and won’t need to worry about setting up the right system to learn the most frequently used vocabulary and grammar to be able to communicate and speak German confidently.

All videos from this “A1.1 Starter Course” will be free available, because I know how hard it can be to find the right sources to learn a language. 😉

Therefore all I ask you is to support my hard work on this big project by sharing my site to your friends, but of course only to those who are also learning German. Thank you sooo much! 💙

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas on your mind, don’t hesitate to post a comment below this video. I’m glad to help you out. Keep rocking your German and always remember our 3 mantras: Relax, Focus & Think! 😉

Did you enjoy my lesson? Please share it with your friends. Thanks! :)

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