What's your German level?

CAREFUL: This quiz is not finished yet and currently in development! Feel free to test it and leave me some feedback. 😉

Answer 50 questions in this condensed German grammar quiz to find out how good your German sentence building skills really are. Can you reach 100% scoring all A1, A2 and B1 levels? After this quiz, you’ll know which biggest German mistakes you are making and how you can get started learning German based on your level.

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Do you drink it today? [guy]

  • trinkst
  • du
  • heute
  • es
  • ?

The word for "husband" in German:


der | Noun

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Write in German:

I am hungry!

  • habe
  • bin
  • hungrig
  • Hunger
  • ich
  • !

This is the little cheating hint!

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What means:

Das ist richtig!

It's not the story...

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What's that?

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That one has audio and is

a very hard matter!

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