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Germanizor's A1 Lessons are completely free of charge. It includes the first 3 Levels, 12 Topics, Quizzes, Exams, 4 Tooltips and the A1 Word Lexicon. You have also the option to purchase a monthly membership to unlock more Levels and exclusive features. You will be supporting free education to people all over the world, who can't afford a German teacher. Thank you for your support!
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The Benefits

Why you should take the path of Germanizor to learn German?

Start speaking instantly

Start by learning useful daily words and phrases. Don't worry about grammar rules. They will slow you down and only confuse you. Let's focus on the practical stuff.

Personal and fun videos

Your brain learns the best if you can use your eyes, ears and mouth to follow a native speaker. I'm baking crispy, personal and fun vlog style video lessons for you.
Easy Peasy

Perfectly for beginners

Choose from a constantly growing collection of German lessons sorted in difficulty levels, topics of interest, places and teaching styles so you can start learning step by step.

Build speaking confidence

I'm combining videos with interactive tooltips and quizzes to make sure you use all aspects of learning. In this way you can practise, repeat and challenge yourself in each lesson.​

Practical words
of advice

Get useful tips how to use phrases and words in real life situations and learn more about the German culture and traditions.

Speak like a real native

Follow my native speaking German tongue and focus on listening and pronunciation to make you sound like a real native speaker.

Meet people all over the world

Create your profile, then follow and write with other German learners in our groups who share the same hobbies and interests like you.

Share your learning experience

Post your best study tips, resources, tools and stories in our community. Let's build the best online place to learn German. Together.

The Features

And what exactly will I get as a member of Germanizor?
video lessons

Video Lessons

German video lessons in 4 different teaching series on YouTube


Join our groups, make friends & post comments under each lesson
lesson quizzes

Lesson Quizzes

Practise phrases and words with interactive audio quizzes
Option 2

Level Exams

100+ questions per level to test and challenge your German skills
word tooltips 1

Word Tooltips

Colored word types with translations and recorded audio
word lexicon

Word Lexicon

Online database with vocabulary, translations, links & audio
priority support

Priority Support

Your questions in the comments and live chat have highest priority
local classes

Private Group

Get access to our exclusive private Gold Students Group
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Germanizor?

If you join as Free Student you will create a free account, so you can unlock all features and A1 lessons from Level 1 to 3 including Quizzes, Exams and 4 Tooltips. You can post comments below each lesson to ask your questions, join groups and participate in our community. You will also get access to the A1 Word Lexicon. It's all 100 % free, without any disturbing ads or upsells. So if I were in your shoes, I would join instantaneous-immediately. 😉

Are there any trials available?

If you join as Free Student you can watch all videos, use our quizzes and take exams from Level 1 to 3 in 12 topics as much as you like. You also get free access to the A1 Word Lexicon without any time limits and you can post comments in lessons and groups as well. You will get 4 Word Tooltips (nouns, articles, pronouns and verbs), so there is no need for a trial. Enjoy, keep practising and support this project if you can. Thanks!

Can I cancel anytime?

If you don't like supporting Germanizor anymore you can cancel your membership anytime very easy in two clicks. Just head to your patronage page and click on "cancel". No questions asked. All memberships are monthly based and will renew after 1 month, if you don't cancel them. This means you are complete free and flexible. There are no commitments and no other hidden costs.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, I use Stripe to accept credit cards, which is the best option. You can also pay with your debit card or choose to pay with your PayPal account. Stripe and PayPal charge me 3 % for transaction fees. That's better than paying 8 % fees on Patreon and one of the reasons why I am not on Patreon. If these options don't work out for you, a bank transfer or is also possible.

Is the payment / website safe?

The website is secured with an SSL certificate running on LineVast servers in Germany with daily backups. The payment is safe via Stripe or Paypal and I will not share your personal information. I only use analytics to make your learning experience better, so I can make more awesome stuff for you and your classmates. You can learn more on the Privacy Policy page.

Do you offer certificates?

Yes, you can ask me for a Germanizor certificate if you pass the final Level 7 exam. Keep in mind: This certificate has no legal application, so you can not use it to apply for visa or jobs etc. My goal is to teach you how to speak and communicate in German for your personal development. It is not an official German course. It is supposed to be more of a German "speaking adventure"... 😉