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Germanizor is for teens and adults who want to start speaking German from day one - without confusing grammar rules. Choose a topic you like and have fun learning daily useful German phrases and expressions based on the most frequently spoken German words used in every day real life situations, including the official A1 to B1 vocabulary.

Level 1 - The "Startor"

Never spoke any word of German before? In this level I'm creating German video lessons for total beginners starting from scratch. You will learn all the basics: Letters and words you need to be able to pronounce phrases correctly and understand the most common greetings, questions, answers, statements, requests and expressions used in daily conversations.
To get started learning German you should first focus on the most frequently spoken words, phrases, greetings, questions, answers and their related connections, so you are able to start first conversations, ask simple questions and answer them in different ways.
This topic is all about the most delicious things of every culture: Eating and drinking. That starts with things you need for cooking in the kitchen and continues with how to order food in a local restaurant. And where it usually ends? Of course: With a full satisfied stomach! ;D
Before you order or pay things you should learn the most important numbers. And while you are counting, we also have a look at the calendar with it’s years, months and days. Sure, we won’t forget the clock, so you get a sense for reading and telling the time in German.
Questions: 60, Time: 30 min, Level: A1

Level 2 - The "Survivor"

After you got familiar with the German basics of the 1st level it’s time for us going to the next level, making sure you stay alive. We dive into all German words and phrases you need for traveling and getting around, talk about things you use at your home, in hotels, in the city, how to survive in case of an emergency and fulfill your basic needs.
The daily things of life are just in front of your nose. You sleep in them, wash your pretty face with them. So here it’s all about describing your cosy place and the things you might need if you must repair something, from booking a hotel room, arriving until checkout.
Before you leave your house, you should think about the best options you have to get from point A to B. So here you learn to ask for directions to places you want to go, how you can describe the way and get your train or bus tickets just on time, in German style.
This topic is all about learning useful words and phrases you need to fulfill your basic needs, solve some more serious conflicts and call for help in case of an emergency, if there is no time for translations. We'll cover all important phrases you need to survive in Germany.
Questions: 90, Time: 45 min, Level: A1

Level 3 - The "Trador"

In the previous levels we made sure to be prepared for most things we need in daily and survival situations. In this level you will step out of your cave and learn German words and phrases enable you to buy, sell, learn and create things. Trading, learning and working plays a big role in our society, so good business communication skills are essential.
You can already say what you need, you can even order food, drinks and count in German. This topic will take care of the financial part. We are going for shopping tours, learn how to bargain, trade and also complain, so you can get the best possible offers.
Learning never ends. That’s why you will learn common words and phrases to improve your learning success, master tests and exams easier and understand your classmate’s hints and teacher’s requests, so you can have a better time in school or university.
After school it’s time for the hard work. Here you’ll find practical phrases to polish your business conversation skills, get ready for your next job interview, improve your communication with your team or boss and make customers calm again, if they got furious.
Questions: 120, Time: 60 min, Level: A1+

Level 4 - The "Doctor"

In this level you will learn everything what is alive inside and around you. It starts with the basic body parts, common health topics, staying fit and learning about our mother nature. You will not really get a doctor title, but at least you will be able to describe your health issues to the doctor, talk about your yoga class and why your cat or dog is so lazy hanging around .
This topic is useful for nurses, doctors and everyone who is alive, because health is our greatest value in life. And if you or others are not so well, it becomes very useful to know some of the basic medical words and sentenses to tell your story and issues you have.
Good communication skills are essential for a sports team. That’s why we have a look at phrases and commands which are used in various different sports, how you can talk about your fitness goals, latest yoga or kung fu exercises and stay fit together with friends.
Everybody loves nature and animals. Especially if we talk about our lovely pets, enjoying a hike through the wild with our friends and dogs or growing plants in our gardens. Learn the relevant phrases here and finally talk about in German why your dog or cat is so cute and fat.
Questions: 150, Time: 75 min, Level: A2

Level 5 - The "Lovor"

This level will not only teach you useful words and expressions to make friends, fall in love, ask for a date and socialize with other Germans on festivals. It will also enable you to think and solve conflicts in a more empathic way by listening with four different ears and therefore boost your German communication skills to a complete new level.
This topic is the more advanced version of our first one "Basic Speaking", where you learn typical phrases to talk about your family and friends. Tell others where you come from, about your relatives, your hobbies, likes, dislikes and how friends usually talk to each other.
Have you found new friends? Already in love with someone? Engaged? Married? However your relationships are going, you will not only learn seductive words, but also describe your feelings and needs in a non violent way to improve your communication skills.
It’s time to get a taste of the German culture and discover the country, ceremonies, parties and festivals with your friends or family. Here you will find words and phrases to get ready for Oktoberfest, Weihnachten and other traditions so you get a deeper cultural inside.
Questions: 180, Time: 90 min, Level A2+

Level 6 - The "Authors"

This level is suitable for all German students who want become smarter in multiple ways. If you read, listen or watch some news, magazines or blogs you will start to understand how German people think about different topics, what they read, write, report and joke about. This will make you aware what's going on so you can make smarter decisions.
You already know well how to make yourself understood. But are you still bumping into strange expressions and phrases which don’t make any sense? However the others are laughing their heads off. You also wanna laugh with them? Look inside here.
Germany is famous for its writers, poets and philosophers. Here we will talk about some smart authors, thinkers and inventors and have a look which books are the most famous ones to get a general idea what German people enjoy reading and thinking about.
Not just social media but also the news from Germany and other countries are important, if you want to keep up-to-date and understand what's going on with the world around you. Learn all the basic political German words, so you can give your voice a vote.
Questions: 210, Time: 105 min, Level B1

Level 7 - The "Creator"

In the last level it's all about becoming more independent and ready to explore new topics and interests. I've choosen the most common ones, which I'm also interested in and would like to discover with you. Anyhow. If you reached this level you probably start adding your own phrases into your vocabulary book and will be so familiar with the sentense structure to be able to replace words and even create your own phrases.
For Ruby / Gold Students
Are you an artist, designer or photographer? Then this category is made for you. Here you will learn all German words and phrases you need to share your photos, drawings, pictures and other colorful creations with the German speaking world.
Here it's all about everything what has to do with film and video. So if you like to go into the cinema watching movies or TV and YouTube at home, or maybe producing your own videos, then this category is the right place for you.
Our world becomes more and more modern and today lot's of us can't live without a mobile phone or computer. That's why this topic is all about the phrases and words we usually use if we use our fancy technology toys and gadgets.
Nearly everybody likes some kind of music. And it would be a pity if you won't share and talk about your favorite bands and songs with your friends. This is the reason why you learn in this category all about what "sounds" good in German.
Dou you like games? It might be the classical style playing cards or board games with your good friends or diving into virtual worlds playing online games talking with your mates. And if you really want a challenge switch the game to German... 😉
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Your Feedback

I'm working hard on weekly new lessons. Keep in mind that most levels & topics are not available yet. If you have any requests, feedback or suggestions for new lessons let me know in the comments or drop me a message in the chat. 🙂
Questions: 240, Time: 120 min, Level: B1+