A1.1 German Talker

The Let's Watch & Practise Beginner Course

This course is all about basic talking, speaking strategies and street comedy.

Daniel Rose · 10 April 2021

Do you speak English but still struggle, when it comes to speak German in real conversations? You don’t understand those nasty grammar rules? Don’t look further. If you wanna have fun while effectively practising German, this fully interactive German “thinking” course will be just the perfect fit for you.


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In the end of this German course you will understand the most essential A1 grammar patterns based on the A1 German CEFRL certificate and know how to use and apply common speaking strategies in daily conversations with confidence.

Unlike most courses I’m going to explain everything in simple English to you, without using any confusing Latin grammar terms. That’s why you only need your English to answer my questions and “think out” the German sentences.

You might ask yourself, how the heck is that possible without using grammar terms? Well, we will use our English for that and build everything step-by-step. But why don’t find it out for yourself?

This course is still 100% free, so click here to reserve your seat! 😉

And no worries: If you aren’t satisfied with my courses and couldn’t achieve your goal by the end of my German courses, I will give you all your money back. Yes, you’re welcome. Just drop me a message in the chat. No questions asked!


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Daniel Rose

I'm Daniel Rose a German teacher on a mission to change how the world learns German. Since 2013 I've helped hundreds of students in places like Australia, Germany and Hong Kong to speak German confidently. I'm here to offer you simple, fun and interactive courses to learn German.

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