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Hi! My name is Daniel Rose.

I'm a German tutor on a mission to change how the world learns German. Since 2013 I've helped hundreds of students in places like Australia, Germany and Hong Kong to speak German confidently. I'm here to offer you a modern and interactive method to learn German, which respects your intelligence, time and money.

I know, it can be quite overwhelming to start learning German. Most German learners I've met have no idea how and where to start learning German. Even if they've found a list of the top 1000 most frequently used German words, they have no clue how to use and connect these words into sentences. Sounds familiar?
No worries. I help to kickstart your German from the very beginning so you can improve your conversational skills systematically and finally speak close to a native level - without any confusing Latin grammar terms.
If you speak English and never learned German before or still struggle with the grammar and want to get a fluent tongue in German, then my congratulations: You can throw your textbooks away and resign from your German classes… You’ve just found it: Your path to speak German fluently. 😉
My mission is to transform your English knowledge into conversational German - far away from traditional, overwhelming and competitive driven classes - formed into an easy to follow, logical and personal step-by-step path.
Let’s focus on stuff which really works: Practising and "deconstructing" commonly used phrases and key sentences from daily conversations using "building blocks" or "word chunks" together with memory helpers called "mnemonics".
The core of this method is to reduce all unnecessary Latin grammar terms to almost zero and focus on listening, speaking and practising linguistic patterns in a fully interactive way to understand the structure of the language.
At the end you will be able to transform English into German sentences intuitively - thinking in real time - without the need to know what a "preposition in accusative", "possesive pronoun" or "past perfect participle II" is... 😜


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Please understand, that due to lots of requests I can not guarantee the time slots shown in the above scheduler, as long as I confirm it to you. Every lesson should be scheduled and paid at least 24 hours in advance. You will need Telegram for the video meeting. Thank you!


Most frequently asked

Germanizor is all about a question I’ve asked myself for years: How can I survive as a stranger in a foreign country like Hong Kong, where I can’t even read what they write? I feel like a cave monkey who lived for years on a lonely island and totally forgot how to communicate! 🙉

Do you also have struggles to learn how to speak German from total scratch? I’m here to help you. I wanna be your mentor teaching you to communicate in different real life situations, so you can take care of your needs, develope a fluent tongue and speak with the natives in Germany or other countries you plan to speak German… 🌍

And if you think this will be another boring class: Forget it! We gonna do some serious exercises to boost your German communication skills and make sure you sound like an almost-close-to-near native, step-by-step in as short as possible amount of time.

Are you ready for this ambitious path? Let’s have some fun! 🙂

Most German teachers will serve you colorful, textbook exercises making lots of noise. But they get quickly overwhelming and boring with unrealistic stories, odd characters, a big mix of writing and listening exercises without any clear path, wasting the student’s time and attention span.

It’s getting even worse, if teachers try to explain rules by throwing lots of unnecessary and confusing foreign Latin terms at you: “Accusative, Dative, Declension, Adverbs, Prepositional Objects, Subjunctive, Present Perfect Conditional, Past Participle I, II, III?, IV?” …you name it.

And as soon as you somehow managed to get the meaning of some of these grammar terms, they will tell you exceptions of these rules… and your confidence for speaking German is going to shrink, until you give up on learning completely. 😥

These traditional teaching methods will never work for 80 % of people effectively and are the main reason why most students fail to learn German in class and sadly loose personal interest.

On the other side there are so called polyglots, who learn how to speak multiple languages fluently. Interestingly they never recommend taking traditional language classes.

And for good reasons…

They use their own methods, which are far away from learning with grammar books. 1) They practise and speak the language by learning what they are interested in. 2) They focus on practical daily phrases. And 3) they “deconstruct” grammar.

In my courses we gonna start super easy. You don’t need to “memorize” anything. My German lessons are constructed in a way that they will repeat all words, phrases and grammar pieces at the right place and time for you. So just lean back, relax and think it out, step-by-step.

Only a very few Latin terms are enough for us to grasp the sentence structure. There won’t be any conjugation tables to memorize. All you need is a basic understanding of English, as I will use the English language to explain the German language to you.

The primal key to German (and other language) fluency is to fully and truly understand how sentences are build and be able to think in German – step by step – building memory associations.

No worries about that. This happens all in the background. Just make yourself a cup of tea, relax and follow the laid out path to practise your German speaking, listening and reading skills. There is a reason why I’m calling it the PATH to speak German fluently. 😉

My lessons are perfectly made for 12+ years old teens and adults who get easily confused or bored with grammar exercises and seek for a more personal and interactive teaching experience.

My courses are for everyone who want to get fluent in German without wasting time reading long textbooks, playing with fancy apps listening to robot voices or searching for confusing grammar explanations from different teachers all over the internet.

You will learn through bite sized video lessons which take you just a few minutes of your time. They also come with quizzes, so you can focus, practise and test your knowledge.

To get started learning German you should go through the courses in order for the best outcome. You can learn all the basics in my free “A1.1 German Talker” video course. These lessons will help you to start expressing yourself with essential talking strategies.

This is very important. If you are not interested in the material, the most efficient method won’t help you to successfully learn German. That’s why I’ve created an entire curriculum all around the most useful and practical topics focused on relevant, daily, real life conversations.

That’s for sure the top #1 most frequently asked question of all time… What’s the best, fastest and most fun method? I tell you, there is no “best” method to learn languages, but there are some factors who raise the chance to succeed in reaching fluency. 😉

I have build my curriculum and lessons not only around real life topics and areas of life, but also around the 3 elements of effective learning:

Effectiveness, Adherence and Efficiency. These are the “whats”, “whys” and “hows” of learning a language.

1. Effectiveness / Priority

You first decide what to learn, based on usage frequency. If you select the wrong material, it does not matter how you study or if you study. Practical fluency is impossible without the proper tools and materials. Just as cooks are subordinate to recipes, are teachers subordinate to materials. If the recipe is not good, the dish won’t be good.

For your perfect learning method you should therefore choose the most frequently spoken words and commonly used sentences, look at their associated grammar patterns and sort them in a logical way based on similarity, practicability and difficulty.

2. Adherence / Interest

Then you choose materials based on your long term personal or professional goals of continued study and review. Multiple exposures and review of the same material will become boring, which must be countered by an interest in the material.

Can you persist with the material and method you’ve chosen? If not, less effective materials or methods will still be better. The best approach means nothing if you don’t use it. Even if you select the most effective material and method, if you don’t stick/adhere to repeated study, effectiveness and efficiency mean nothing.

3. Efficiency / Process

Lastly you determine how to learn the material most efficiently. It matters little if you have the best material and adherence if time-to-fluency is 20 years. The return on investment won’t be worth it.

Ask yourself: Will this method allow me to reach accurate recognition and recall with the fewest number of exposures, within the shortest period of time? If the answer is no, the method probably won’t lead you to fluency.

So, there you have it. Now it’s up to you to take action. 😉

I believe in free education and want to help as many people as possible to speak German. That’s why in 2021 you have the chance to learn all the German basics completely for free without paying a dime.

You can get started by creating a free account and get instant access to my first Level 1 course with videos and quizzes.

If you have achieved your goals and really enjoyed my first course, then I would be glad if you would purchase my other German courses to continue your learning journey.

If you buy one of my courses you will be supporting free, quality German education to people all over the world, regardless of race, religion, gender or economic status. That’s something worth investing in, isn’t it?

There is nothing to loose. Your private data won’t be shared to anyone and I won’t spam you with emails. Isn’t that a fair deal? 😉 Create your Free Student account by hitting that “JOIN” button.

By the way: You can also book a tutoring lesson with me, if you are interested in private lessons. There are no strings attached anywhere. Enjoy the journey and thank you so much for your support! 💙

My mission is to transform traditional, overwhelming and competitive driven classes into one easy to follow step-by-step path. An exciting and smooth journey, where you focus on speaking and building sentences without any worries about trying to memorize anything.

I believe it’s time to change how the world learns German.

It’s more than possible to learn everything you need to reach a German B1/2 level without any grammar tests, memorizing conjugation lists or spending time doing text book exercises, where most students get easily confused, distracted and overwhelmed.

That’s why Germanizor strives for a different mindset.

All you need is to make yourself a cup of tea, relax and follow the laid out path to practise your German speaking, listening and reading skills.

I’m using this method every day for my private German tutoring classes. 99 % of my young and old students love it. It’s simple, interactive and easy to follow. Why you’re not giving it a try?

My first German course is absolutely free. 🙂

Yes, I have a “Buy Me A Coffee” page, where you can donate me a virtual coffee once or monthly. You will support free quality German lessons for people who can’t afford paying for an A1 course and make it possible for me to keep making more German lessons for you, which take a lot of time to plan, write, film, edit and post. Thank you so much! 😻🤟