About Me

I have tried dozens of German courses and read tons of books during my years of teaching German to kids, teens and adults in Australia and Hong Kong and met lots of students who got frustrated learning German – mainly because of – you guess what – the confusing grammar.

On the other side there are many people who learn multiple languages in a short amount of time. Some of them become so called “polyglots” who are able to speak more than 4 languages fluently.

I believe our traditional education system needs to focus more on alternative, modern approaches and ways how to teach languages.

Less is more. I’m a big fan of simple, minimal and effectively made things and learning methods. That’s why I’m currently developing a series of German video courses from scratch, who will help you to speak German fluently.

My mission is to transform traditional, overwhelming and competitive driven classes into one easy to follow step by step path. A journey, where you simply focus on building sentences with building blocks.

These blocks are based on the A1 vocabulary and the most frequently spoken words German speakers are using every day in their lives. If you focus mainly on repeating patterns, you will learn the grammar passively.

I think it is more than possible to learn everything you need to reach a German A1/2 and B1/2 level without any grammar tests, memorizing conjugation lists or spending time with doing text book exercises, where most students get easily confused, distracted and overwhelmed.

That’s why I’m going to create a series of German courses with a complete different mindset. All the things will be repeated for you at the right place and time – based on spaced repetition – and introduce new grammar pieces step by step, without any pressure to “memorize” anything.

All you need is to make yourself a cup of tea, relax and follow the laid out path to practise your German speaking, listening and reading skills. The course is flexible, so you can easily add optional writing exercises.

I’m using this method every day for my private German tutoring classes and my young and older students love it. It’s simple, interactive and easy to follow. Why you’re not giving it a try? My German A1 course is free. 😉