Your English path to speak German fluently

Daniel Rose

German Teacher

Learn how to speak authentic German without any confusing grammar terms. I'm transforming your English into German while watching the most popular German YouTube videos. Pick your favourite topic based on your skill level and immerse yourself in real-life native German conversations to start your English path to speak German fluently.


Why should I join Germanizor?

Choose your favourite path

from beginner friendly courses based on your passions and interests, not the interests of teachers or textbooks

Watch real-life YouTube videos

with native speakers, authentic conversations, interesting stories and life lessons which keep you motivated

Ditch the confusing Latin terms

and get simple and sometimes somewhat silly English explanations that will stick in your memory like glue on paper

Practise with interactive lessons

where you watch and listen to videos, speak along with me and think out full German sentences all by yourself

Build sentences
from scratch

like lego blocks, so that you understand step by step how to put words together and how they affect each other

Forget about memorizing

and focus on understanding the structures instead, so you can build your own sentences and speak more fluently

Grasp the rules with mnemonics

which I mark with [grammar-tags] and literal (word-hints) for your reference, so you can see all the words at a glance

Learn how to learn
by yourself

to become an independent learner who learns the rest of the vocabulary without further help and saves lots of money

Continue learning with scripts

which you can simply read from top to bottom or copy paste into any flashcards app for spaced repetition exercises

Listen to practical mp3 audios

for convenient offline learning anywhere you go, without having to look at the screen while jogging, driving, etc.

Enjoy my personal support

where you can ask me questions directly under the lessons, suggest new videos and even vote for new YouTube channels

Share your own experience

and discuss related topics with other English learners who share the same interests and passions like you