Your English path to speak German fluently

Daniel Rose

German Teacher

Would you like to know how the German language works? But you don't want to spend hours on confusing grammar terms or textbook exercises? How would it be to practise useful German phrases from the very beginning up to a confident B1 level? Let me introduce Germanizor: Your English path to speak German fluently!

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Why should I join Germanizor?

Learn with interactive video lessons

Get involved into my uniquely designed interactive video lessons, where we build and recall useful phrases, while you get feedback learning from your mistakes.

One native speaker,
one clear path

Follow one native speaker on a simple step-by-step path to fluency. The most frequently used vocabulary and A1/A2/B1 grammar is included. One clear path, one clear goal.

Focus on things that
really matter

Reach your personal or professional goals without wasting time with irrelevant textbook exercises, long lists of vocabulary or boring topics which don't interest you.

Don't worry about

Don't try to memorize anything. Our main goal is to understand the structure of the German language, so it becomes knowledge. And what you know you don't forget.

Speak like a real

Forget roboty app voices and follow my native speaking German tongue instead. Focus on listening and pronunciation to sound like a real native speaker, not like a robot.

Get fluent in a few

I'm combining the most effective language learning methods used by polyglots: Layering, deconstructing, mnemonics, word frequency, active recall & spaced repetition.

Get practical tips
& insights

Get useful study advice how to practise your German language skills effectively for real life conversations, learn more about the German culture and useful life skills.

Share your own

Post ideas and resources in our feed, ask questions under any lesson and connect with other German learners who share the same hobbies and interests like you.

Enjoy my personal

As a long time tutor and coach I care about my students. You can count on my support. Ask me questions via comments, email or chat and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

A pinch of

I got it. Language courses can get a hell of boring. When it comes to my lessons, a good pinch of entertainment with "weird" humor comes included. 😉