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Hey buddy, how's your German going? I'm Daniel from Germany and my mission is to help you speaking German as total beginner. Let's stop studying dusty grammar books and start speaking practical phrases and words German speakers talk about every day. Explore my German video lessons, audio quizzes and join our community! ;)


So how does it work?

Our slogan at Germanizor: "Stop studying. Start speaking!" That's the reason why I'm collecting the most useful and frequently used phrases and words, so you can start speaking German as total beginner. If you want to get fluent and finally start communicating in German as fast as possible - without boring grammar rules - then you have found the right place.

Start super easy with Level 1 from the Curriculum and practise your German skills with my video lessons, audio quizzes and word tooltips. Ask your questions in the comments or join our Groups to share your experience along the way. If you are ready, take a Level Exam to test your German A1, A2 or B1 skills! :)

I believe in free education. That's why you and everyone else has the chance to learn German online and watch all my video lessons for free. Start now by joining as Free Student to get additional quizzes, tooltips and exams until Level 3 and engage with our community members. If you enjoy this project, please support my work by upgrading your Free to a Red or Gold account.

Thank you so much! ❀ Daniel Ruzicka

ps.: If you have any questions, leave me a message in the chat. ;)

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